Workshop 2018

Thank you to the University of California (our co-sponsor) and all the presenters and attendees for helping to make the DSI's Inaugural Workshop a huge success!

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Day 1 | Day 2 | Posters

Day 1: August 7, 2018

Session 1: Applications

Session 2: Cognitive Simulation

Session 3: Neural Networks

Session 4: Uncertainty Quantification

Session 5: Space/Other Applications

Session 6: Biological Sciences Applications

Day 2: August 8, 2018

Session 7: Computer Vision 

Session 8: Methods 

Session 9: Applied Statistics

  • Bruno Sanso (UCSC): Inferring Release Characteristics from an Atmospheric Dispersion Model 
  • Giuliana Pallotta (LLNL): Improving Predictions of Radiological Surface Contamination Uncertainty via an Ensemble of Simulations
  • Abel Rodriguez (UCSC): Spherical Factor Analysis for Binary Data: A Look at the Conservative Revolt in the US House of Representatives
  • William Dawson (LLNL): Bayesian Sensor Fusion in Centralized and Decentralized Networks

Session 10: Precision Medicine

Session 11: Security

Session 12: Tools and Infrastructure

  • Dani Ushizima (UCB, BIDS): Deep Learning for Image Search: Characterization, Retrieval and Ranking of Multi-Modal Data
  • Amanda Minnich (LLNL): Utilizing Container Technology to Streamline Data Science
  • Tim Moon (LLNL): Scalable Deep Learning Training for Scientific Applications
  • Daniel Fedor-Thurman (LLNL): HPCrypt: End-to-End Data Protection for HPC