Our mission is to enable excellence in data science research and applications across the Laboratory's core missions.

Data science has become an essential discipline paving the path of LLNL's key program areas, and the Laboratory is home to some of the largest, most unique, and most interesting data and supercomputers in the world. The Data Science Institute (DSI) acts as the central hub for all data science activity at LLNL working to help lead, build, and strengthen the data science workforce, research, and outreach to advance the state-of-the-art of our nation's data science capabilities. Read more about the DSI.

Data Scientist Spotlight

Amar Saini

Amar Saini

Data Scientist

Amar Saini lives by the motto “Saving the world, one epoch at a time.” Epoch refers to a learning model making a single pass over its training data. As for saving the world, Saini points to LLNL’s mission that tackles a range of global and national security problems. “In my eyes, using deep learning, machine learning, and artificial intelligence to contribute to these solutions is saving the world,” he says. Saini works mostly with DL and neural networks. Recently he explored a denoising model that removed background noise from voice audio by converting the audio to images, then used neural networks (U-Nets) to remove distortion and convert the image back to audio. His hackathon experiments include voice cloning and altering car color with generative adversarial networks. “Everything in this field is a challenge because we’re constantly researching to find the best methods to train our DL models,” Saini explains. Last fall, he traveled to Copenhagen to give a talk at the ACM Conference on Recommender Systems. Saini is active on the FastAI and PyTorch forums, volunteers with Girls Who Code, and helps organize hackathons. With an M.S. in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science from UC Merced, he joined LLNL in 2019 after a Data Science Summer Institute internship.


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