Our mission is to enable excellence in data science research and applications across the Laboratory's core missions.

Data science has become an essential discipline paving the path of LLNL's key program areas, and the Laboratory is home to some of the largest, most unique, and most interesting data and supercomputers in the world. The Data Science Institute acts as the central hub for all data science activity at LLNL working to help lead, build, and strengthen the data science workforce, research, and outreach to advance the state-of-the-art of our nation's data science capabilities.

Data Scientist Spotlight

Cindy Gonzales

Cindy Gonzales

Data Scientist

Cindy Gonzales joined LLNL intending to continue her career as an administrator with the Computing Scholar Program, working with summer students during their internships. Then she attended a machine learning (ML) seminar, and the rest is history. She says, “I was taking an introductory statistics course as a part-time student when I learned what ML was. I thought, I could do this.” For two and a half years, Gonzales juggled a demanding workload: interning with data scientists, learning from mentors, supporting the DSI, coordinating the Scholar Program, and attending school part time. She earned her B.S. in Statistics from Cal State East Bay before beginning a distance-learning M.S. in Data Science at Johns Hopkins. Today, Gonzales uses ML to detect objects in satellite imagery—work she will present at the Applied Imagery and Pattern Recognition workshop in October. She explains, “Data science is such a diverse field, which makes it both exciting and challenging. You need a background in many different areas such as computer science plus domain knowledge. These skills will open doors to other scientific domains.”


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