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The DSSI perfectly connected my coursework in physics, astronomy, statistics, and computer science to solving problems using real-world astronomical data. If you're looking to grow from exceptional colleagues, mentors, and seminar speakers as well as apply your expertise to make a real difference in Lab research and national security, this program could be a great fit for you!

—Ryan Dana, LLNL data scientist and mentor; former DSSI intern

As a DSSI intern, you'll work on real projects with real data that represent the breadth and depth of data science research at LLNL. Our students tackle Challenge Problems that leverage large and varied datasets used in or generated from actual LLNL projects such as building networks from interaction data, large-scale data mining for predictive medicine, drug discovery using HPC simulations, video data summarization and classification, energy efficiency analysis using HPC, classification and forward modeling of hyper-spectral data, and much more. This curriculum helps students build technical experience and teamwork.

Our interns are also paired with mentors—experts across many data science fields at the Lab—whose projects align with students' skills and interests. Check out recent Challenge Problems and mentors below.

2021 Challenge Problems

Mentor Spotlight

Bhavya Kailkhura

Bhavya Kailkhura

Bhavya thrives on solving challenging problems in data science, focusing on improving the reliability and the safety of machine learning systems. “Reliability and safety in AI should not be an option but a design principle. The better we can address these challenges, the more successful we will be in developing useful, relevant, and important ML systems,” he states. He also pursues mathematical solutions to open optimization problems, including a novel sphere-packing theory, and is building provably safe, explainable deep neural networks to enable reliable learning in applications for materials science, autonomous drones, and inertial confinement fusion.

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