DOE Virtual Data Days 2020

Banner showing U.S. DOE Virtual Data Days and the event dates


The Department of Energy (DOE) has joined the larger scientific community in the promotion of data management as a means to higher quality, more efficient research and analysis, and as a critical component of data science. Tools and platforms to support data management and analysis are rapidly evolving and provide enormous opportunities. They also pose challenges that can be specific to DOE but are common across DOE mission areas and organizations. The annual DOE Data Days (D3) event began in 2019.

D3 2020 went virtual on October 5–7, with presentations in four broad topic areas:

  • Data curation and standards: legacy data, existing data, and future data
  • Data intensive computing, high performance computing (HPC), and data science tools for DOE's computing communities
  • Data access, sharing, and sensitivity
  • Cloud, HPC, and hybrid data management

A companion hackathon covering a selected topic from the topic areas above was held prior to D3. There was no fee to participate in D3, and an abstract was not required to attend the workshop.

Learn more: DOE Data Days 2020, October 5–7, 2020 | Hosted by LLNL