July 20, 2022
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LLNL cancer research goes exascale

Jeremy Thomas/LLNL

An LLNL team will be among the first researchers to perform work on the world’s first exascale supercomputer—Oak Ridge National Laboratory’s Frontier—when they use the system to model cancer-causing protein mutations. Led by Harsh Bhatia, a computer scientist in the Center of Applied Computing at LLNL, the team was awarded limited access to Frontier under the DOE's Advanced Scientific Research Center (ASCR) Leadership Computing Challenge (ALCC) program. Over the next year, Bhatia and his team will use the cycles to advance their previous work, applying their Multiscale Machine-Learned Modeling Infrastructure (MuMMI) computing framework and AI to model and predict how RAS and RAF proteins interact with each other and with lipids on a realistic cell membrane. Read more at LLNL News.