Nov. 9, 2023
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Data Days brings DOE labs together for discussions on data management and more

Jeremy Thomas/LLNL

Data researchers, developers, data managers, and program managers from the DOE national laboratories visited LLNL on October 24–26 to discuss the latest in data management, sharing, and accessibility at the 2023 DOE Data Days (D3) workshop. Sponsored by the National Nuclear Security Administration’s (NNSA) Office of Defense Nuclear Nonproliferation and hosted annually by LLNL, the event featured more than two dozen speakers from across the DOE/NNSA complex. More than 200 attendees met to explore wide-ranging topics in the data sphere, including common challenges the national labs face in operating in a secure environment and maintaining an ever-increasing amount of data generated in the age of artificial intelligence, machine learning, and other advanced high performance computing technologies. Common threads throughout the workshop were the importance of building a “data community” across DOE, the need for a shared language around data, and the value of national lab personnel who are working on data issues. “Technology changes rapidly, which can both provide challenges and opportunities in our research; it is critical, as data managers across the spectrum of specializations, that we have a forum to address challenges, learn from one another, engage in thoughtful discussions, and drive change and innovation,” said Rebecca Rodd, event host and LLNL geophysics data specialist. Read more at LLNL News.