Sept. 13, 2021

Visualization software stands the test of time

Holly Auten/LLNL

In the decades since LLNL’s founding, the technology used in pursuit of the Laboratory’s national security mission has changed over time. For example, studying scientific phenomena and predicting their behaviors require increasingly robust, high-resolution simulations. These crucial tasks compound the demands on high-performance computing hardware and software, which must continually be maintained, upgraded, or replaced. Perhaps no other software project has adapted to such evolving needs as well as Livermore’s VisIt, which has become a trusted tool since its development began in 2000. VisIt is open-source software that enables researchers to rapidly visualize, animate, and analyze scientific simulations. It is the Laboratory’s go-to software for scalable visualization as well as graphical and numerical analysis of both simulated and experimental data sets. Read more from Science & Technology Review.