June 1, 2022
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El Capitan testbed systems rank among top 200 of world’s most powerful computers

Jeremy Thomas/LLNL

As the U.S. welcomed the world’s first “true” exascale supercomputer, three predecessor machines for LLNL's future exascale system El Capitan managed to rank highly on the latest Top500 List of the world’s most powerful supercomputers. Despite being “testbed” machines for El Capitan, the National Nuclear Security Administration’s first exascale supercomputer, the three early access systems—rzVernal, Tioga and Tenaya—all ranked in the top 200 worldwide. Of the three, rzVernal was the highest at No. 123, with a peak on the High Performance Linpack (HPL) benchmark of 4.1 petaFLOPs (4.1 quadrillion floating point operations per second)—the HPL score reflects system performance for solving a dense system of linear equations. Tioga placed No. 135 on the list, with a Linpack score of 3.67 petaFLOPs (PF), and Tenaya achieved 2.86 PF, good enough for the No. 200 slot. Read more at LLNL News.