July 21, 2022
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Defending U.S. critical infrastructure from nation-state cyberattacks

Allan Chen/LLNL

For many years, LLNL has been conducting research on cybersecurity, as well as defending its systems and networks from cyberattacks. The Lab has developed an array of capabilities to detect and defend against cyberintruders targeting IT networks and worked with government agencies and private-sector partners to share its cybersecurity knowledge to the wider cyberdefense community. LLNL has developed the immune infrastructure framework to protect critical infrastructure from these national security threats. This framework is comprised of four layers: understanding the systems, keeping the adversary out, detecting and responding to intrusions, and operating through compromise. Development of this approach leverages the Lab’s ability to pull together multidisciplinary expertise in cybersecurity, data science and machine learning, power-grid engineering, infrastructure, and systems analysis to address this predicament. Read more in Science & Technology Review.