About the DSI

Building community, igniting innovative research, and providing strategic workforce development for LLNL’s emerging and critical data science discipline

Large-scale data requires sophisticated techniques to interpret it, so data science has become an integral part of scientific research, particularly at LLNL. Awareness of this essential discipline has increased dramatically across LLNL. Programmatic work has benefitted from multimodal data analysis, data processing, outcome predictions, simulation, and experimental validation.

We founded the Data Science Institute (DSI) in early 2018 to facilitate mission-driven data science through a cohesive vision, increased collaboration, and targeted outreach and recruiting. The DSI has already made a significant impact on the data science community, both internally and externally, by building relationships between LLNL programs, staff, and academic partners. From the outset, we have endeavored to establish and promote LLNL’s strategic vision in data science while combining collective expertise into a thriving community.

This coordination has roots in an earlier initiative. In 2013, LLNL launched the Data Science Initiative to align national security priorities with high-performance computing capabilities and big data applications. The Initiative provided a focal point for advancing data science technologies for LLNL’s unique scientific challenges. Over time, data science techniques became woven into LLNL programs, though the need remained to develop and sustain the workforce in this field. The Initiative transitioned into the Institute to adapt to the rapid pace of research and LLNL’s growing portfolio.

The field of data science moves quickly. In a range of scientific research areas and through community-building objectives, the DSI is poised to advance LLNL’s mission for years to come. I am honored to be part of this exciting initiative and to extend a warm welcome to current and future collaborators. Learn more about our vision:


Michael Goldman
Michael Goldman, DSI director