Sept. 14, 2022
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Lab directors discuss LLNL’s past, present and future at ‘historic conversation’

Jeremy Thomas/LLNL

On a historic occasion in the Livermore wine country, the nine living LLNL directors gathered on Sept. 8 to mark the Laboratory’s 70th anniversary, share stories and discuss their vision for the Lab in the coming years. Hosted by the nonprofit Livermore Lab Foundation, the panel brought past directors John Foster Jr., John Nuckolls, Bruce Tarter, George Miller, Parney Albright, and Bill Goldstein together with current director Kim Budil at one table, altogether spanning nearly seven decades of LLNL leadership. Two other previous directors—Michael May and Michael Anastasio—participated in the discussion via prerecorded talks. More than 200 people were on hand for the event, including many current and retired LLNL employees, dignitaries and local elected officials. Among the guests of honor was Department of Energy Under Secretary of Nuclear Security and Administrator for the National Nuclear Security Administration Jill Hruby, who opened the event by stressing the importance of preserving the Lab’s legacy as a site for “big ideas.” Read more at LLNL News.