July 24, 2023
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Data Science Challenge offers students learning and growth opportunities

Lorena Anderson/UC Merced

About 20 UC Merced students spent the past two weeks working at LLNL to see if they can solve a problem that could have a significant impact on cardiology. The annual Data Science Challenge (DSC), a two-week, full-time internship at LLNL, this year teamed students from Merced and UC Riverside. They attempted to see if machine learning could address a gap in the information provided by the common electrocardiogram (ECG) test. At this year's DSC, undergraduate students, their graduate student team leaders and mentors from LLNL explored data-driven approaches to reconstructing electro-anatomical maps of the heart, combining input from the standard 12-lead ECG with advanced machine learning techniques. During their stay in Livermore, the students toured some labs, attended professional development sessions, worked on the data science problem, met with and heard lectures by mentors, had social events and, at the end, presented the results of their work at a scientific poster session. Read more at UC Merced.