Aug. 2, 2019
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Livermore Lab Foundation awards scholarship to Cal State East Bay computer science student

Stephen Wampler/LLNL

Alan Noun, a computer science student at Cal State University East Bay and the recipient of the Livermore Lab Foundation's first full-year scholarship, has started a summer internship at LLNL. In partnership with Cal State University East Bay (CSUEB), the Livermore Lab Foundation (LLF) awarded Noun a one-year stipend to allow him to devote more time to academics by reducing work he needs to support himself. Noun, 23, started his summer internship in the Data Science Summer Institute on June 17. He is working with one of the imagery teams developing neural network models using synthetic imagery for geospatial analysis under the mentorship of two Lab employees, Michael Ward and George Weinert. Read more at LLNL News.