June 4, 2024
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DOE, LLNL take center stage at inaugural AI expo

Holly Auten/LLNL

Held May 7–8 in Washington, DC, the Special Competitive Studies Project (SCSP) AI Expo showcased groundbreaking initiatives in AI and emerging technologies. Kim Budil and other Lab speakers presented at center stage and the DOE exhibition booth. LLNL is rapidly expanding research investments to build transformative AI-driven solutions to critical national security challenges. While developing these novel scientific AI tools, the Lab is also doing deliberate research to ensure that solutions are both safe and trustworthy for LLNL’s high-consequence missions. Budil and Spears took center stage to discuss the ways LLNL leverages AI tools to improve stockpile science, fusion targets, disease therapies, and more. In addition, Turk announced DOE’s new Frontiers in Artificial Intelligence for Science, Security and Technology (FASST) initiative, which will build foundational AI capabilities tailored for national security needs. At the DOE booth, Lab staff demonstrated the Sidekick tabletop self-driving lab with NVIDIA as well as a digital twin/virtual reality setup, which was connected in real time to employees at the Advanced Manufacturing Laboratory. Read more at LLNL News.