Sept. 10, 2021
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60 years of cancer research

Lauren Casonhua/LLNL

From studying radioactive isotope effects to better understanding cancer metastasis, the Laboratory’s relationship with cancer research endures some 60 years after it began, with historical precedent underpinning exciting new research areas. In one Cancer Moonshot project, research includes a close synergy between experiments and computation, allowing scientists to get a better picture of the Ras protein and how it interacts with a cell’s lipid membrane. Using high-performance computers, like the Sierra machine, scientists have run tens of thousands of simulations to better understand Ras interactions and activities with proteins and the lipid membrane. The result of the team’s efforts so far is a massively parallel Multiscale Machine-Learned Modeling Infrastructure (MuMMI) that has helped scientists find relevant seed data for further modeling and analysis of Ras protein interactions. Read more from Science & Technology Review.