DOE Data Day 2019

DOE logo with text of "DOE DATA DAY (D3)" in all caps


The Department of Energy (DOE) has joined the larger scientific community in the promotion of data management as a means to higher quality, more efficient research and analysis, and as a critical component of data science. Tools and platforms to support data management and analysis are rapidly evolving and provide enormous opportunities. They also pose challenges that can be specific to DOE but are common across DOE mission areas and organizations.

The DOE Data Day workshop, abbreviated to D3, was born from this critical work. D3’s primary goals are:

  • Bring DOE institutions together to share their data management use cases, challenges, and solutions;
  • Identify potential synergies and efficiencies; and
  • Establish proactive channels for future collaborations.

The event crosses program boundaries and mission areas, with participants exploring best practices and the latest technologies to help DOE researchers leverage new techniques, respond to data security threats, and advance fundamental science in valuable ways.

Learn more: Inaugural D3 workshop, September 25–26, 2019 | Hosted by LLNL