DSSI Class of 2018

DSSI students

Meet the Data Science Summer Institute Class of 2018. After their August poster session, check back to download posters explaining their hard work.

Justin Allen

Mentor: Kristine Monteith

Justin is pursuing a BS in Computer Science at UC San Diego. He is interested in applying machine learning to network data in order to predict malicious attacks.

2018 DSSI Poster: Predicting Process Name from Network Data

Ryan Ball

Mentors: Yana Feldman/Barry Chen

Ryan is pursuing a BS in Applied Analytics and International Relations. He is interested in natural language processing for transactional data.

Sharmi Banerjee

Mentors: Amanda Minnich/Jonathan Allen


Brian Bartoldson

Mentor: Brenda Ng

Brian is pursing a PhD in Computational Science at FSU Tallahassee. His interests include multimodal data retrieval with neural networks.

2018 DSSI Poster: An Interpretable Multimodal Retrieval Tool 

Ryan Bockmon

Mentor: Ghaleb Abdulla
Ryan is pursuing a PhD in Computer Science at UNL. His interests include predicting power spikes in site-wide power usage.

Eric Bond

Mentor: Harsh Bhatia

Eric is pursuing an MS in Computer Science at Purdue. His interests include topological data analysis of chemical systems.

Tim Coleman

Mentors: Siddharth Manay

Tim is pursuing a PhD in Statistics at the University of Pittsburgh and is interested in random forests.

Carlos Downie 

Mentor: Barry Rountree

Carlos is pursuing a BS in Computer Science at SSU. His interests include applying Fourier analysis to detect wave patterns within discrete data obtained from ReSCAL simulations.

Erika Earley

Mentor: Doug Poland

Erika is pursuing an MS in Computational and Mathematical Engineering at Stanford. Her interests include object-centric video representation learning.

Joseph Higgins

Mentor: David Buttler

Joseph is pursuing an MS in Statistics and Data Science at Stanford. His interests include natural language processing, specifically using machine learning to identify entities and their relationships within large bodies of text.

Lisa Jin

Mentors: Amanda Minnich/Jonathan Allen

Lisa is pursuing her PhD in Computer Science at University of Rochester. Her interests include drug molecule representation learning to improve predictions of tumor response.

Eric Kalosa Kenyon

Mentor: Brenton Blair

Eric is pursuing at PhD at UC Davis in Statistics. 

2018 DSSI Poster: Analytical Tools for Sample Processing at Uranium Enrichment Facilities


Aidan Keogh

Mentor: Jessica Semler/Brian Spears

Aidan is pursuing at BS in Computer Science at UC San Diego.

Hyotae Kim

Mentor: Ana Paula Sales

Hyotae is pursuing a PhD in Statistics at UCSC. His interests include nonparametric Bayesian models for the survival function.

Cynthia Lai

Mentor: Nathan Mundhenk

Cynthia is pursuing an MS in Computer Science at UCLA. Her interests include improving performance for self-supervised learning.

2018 DSSI Poster: Combining Self-supervised Tasks with Deep Clustering of  Visual Features

Ankur Mallick

Mentor: Bhavya Kailkhura

Ankur is pursuing a PhD in Electrical and Computer Engineering at Carnegie Mellon.

2018 DSSI Poster: Uncertainty Aware Small Data Neural Networks

Sahitya Mantravadi

Mentor: Carmen Carrano

Sahiyta is pursuing an MS in Computational and Mathematical Engineering at Stanford. She is interested in object-centric video representation learning.

Yamen Mubarka

Mentors: Vic Castillo/Brian Spears

Yamen is pursuing a BS in Physics and Cognitive Science from UC San Diego. His interests include using machine learning to simulate physics problems.



Benjamin Quiring

Benjamin is pursuing a BS in Computer Science at Northeastern University. His interests include applying machine learning to additive manufacturing.

2018 DSSI Poster: Multilevel Graph Coarsening with Applications

Aaron Robeson 

Mentor: Barry Rountree

Aaron is pursuing a BS at the Ohio State University. 

Furong Sun

Mentor: Ana Kupresanin

Furong is pursuing a PhD in Statistics from Virginia Tech. Her interests include Bayesian calibration of computer models.

Clayton Thorrez

Mentor: Dan Faissol

Clayton is pursuing an MS in Computer Science from UMass Amherst. His interests include using deep reinforcement learning to find personalized treatments for sepsis.

Ken Tran

Mentor: Sam Sakla

Ken is pursuing a PhD in Computer Science from NCSU. His interests include "satellites!"

2018 DSSI Poster: X-Net: Bimodal Feature Representation Learning in Satellite Imagery

Di Wang 

Mentor: Timo Bremer

Di is pursuing a PhD in Computer Science at the University of Utah. His interests include data visualization.

Ahsan Zaman

Mentor: Ghaleb Abdulla

Ahsan is pursuing a BS in Computer Engineering and Computer Science at USC. His interests include using machine learning methods to predict the cervical cancer disease state.